Truly Me Dolls

Hi Everyone! It’s Zoey again and I wanted to say that on May 28th, 2015 American Girl stopped selling MAG dolls and started selling Truly me dolls. I know you probably already know this, but I wanted to say a few things about them.

1.They retired 12 MAG dolls and only made 3 new Truly Me dolls to go along with the old MAG dolls. One of these new dolls (#64) looks a lot like #30 and #40.

2. They come with different accessories, including a book and a few activities instead of the old accessory, the charm keeper necklace. They have also released the Love to Layer accessories to replace the True Spirit accessories.

3.Unlike most MAG outfits, the Truly Me outfits do not come with a charm, because the dolls do not come with a charm keeper necklace.

4.American Girl is doing a sweepstakes to celebrate the arrival of Truly Me dolls called the Truly Awesome Sweepstakes. Each Thursday, they put up a new prize. To enter, go to

So what’s your opinion on Truly Me dolls? Comment Below!


-ZKV (Zoey Kat Vali)


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